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"A very funny book, a really good read"
 Richard and Judy 
"Janet Street-Porter has written the ultimate self-help book"
 Marie Claire 
"A hugely entertaining read from a hugely ballsy woman"
 The Observer 
For all its shoutiness, much of Janet Street-Porter's advice is good, old-fashioned common sense. 'I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking,' she announces at the beginning, briskly dismissing the notion that there is any such thing as luck. 'WOMEN DON'T GET LUCKY BREAKS,' she positively yells at you, as if you were an office assistant who's just made a particularly ill-considered suggestion. This being the case - 'That's just the way it is,' she shrugs - women must battle their way through life with almost delusional self-belief.
Unless you are a very troubled person you can can probably get by without Janet telling you what you should be having for breakfast... but the chapter on how to be assertive at work and change the way you think about your career contains some pertinent words of wisdom for women of all ages. Whether you want to take relationship advice from a woman who has been through four husbands and three live-in partners is again up to you, but at least you're getting a view from the front line. In fact, regardless of your view of JSP, this is a hugely entertaining read from a hugely ballsy woman who, crucuaially, knows how to laugh at herself and takes no nonsense from anyone. She's living evidence of what you can do with an enormous dollop of ego.
Stephanie Merritt
 The Big Issue 
This guide to "getting what you want out of life without wasting time, effort or money," is a self-help book by a professional rent-a-gob, Janet Street Porter. Wheras on TV and radio her style can grate, in print her forthrightness works to often hilarious effect. And she talks a lot of sense.
How to live life to the full while kicking out the crap, JSP style - straight from the mouth of the lady herself
"Great little book"
 The Bookseller 
Very funny but also full of useful advice on how to lead your life for you instead of for others. This book won't help you to be a better person but it will help you feel much better about being the person you already are. Most mothers are full of insecurities and this will reassure them that they are not alone.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Advice!, 3 Jan 2008
by  Jake "Music fan"  (England)
This is a woman to listen to, Janet Street Porter knows exactly what she's talking about and truly makes good sense of everything covered in her new book from fashion to friends. Ms Porter has written a book that is honest, straight to the point and full of good, useful information to carry with you for life. "LTFS" is funny, blunt, outrageous and I can fully recommend it highly to all.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent, funny read, 29 Jan 2008
by  J. Cotton  (UK)
How refreshing to read a book written by a "real" woman. Janet is not your average celebrity who tells you how to be stunningly beautiful/bag a footballer and spend half of your income on beauty treatments and spend 7 days a week at the gym. Instead she gives straight to the point, no nonsense advise whilst managing not to patronise. Loved her chapter on hairdressers, haven't we all had that "scared to look in the mirror" terror, I laughed out loud. Fabulous book, fabulous woman. Janet Street Porter I salute you.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent, funny read, 13 Jan 2008
by  Enjoy life "Miss J"  (UK)
I've only had this book for about a week now and what I have read so far has been funny (sometimes laugh out loud), honest and written in JSP's common sense, down-to-earth manner. I'm so impressed I have 3 more copies on order for gifts to family and friends. A lot of it is basic stuff that I think most of us know deep down, but the difference is, is it's just nice to be reminded in a 'in print' kind of way. If you need advice from cooking, to careers, to life and relationships, then I can't recommend this book enough and all for less than a tenner, bargain!!
5.0 out of 5 stars
Austin Texas loves this book!, 17 Jan 2008
by  Barbara J. Andreas  (Austin, Texas, USA)
I was on the wait list for 4 copies. They arrived yesterday at my home in Austin, Texas, USA! I read half the book last night! It's totally brilliant! Fantastic fun! I was smiling as I read it! I took 3 copies to my office (AT&T) and gave them to friends, saying read it and pass it on to other women. By Lunchtime, our whole office was talking about it. As everyone read down to the Beauty Salon chapter, talk all afternoon has been about our own hair disaster stories.
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"Forget Nigella's cake recipes - we haven't got the face she has to go on top of the massive hips that result from eating teatime treats; we haven't got her willpower to eat only one"