Janet Street-Porter’s predictably blunt guide to getting what you want out of 21st century life without wasting time, effort or money.

Her intention is to cut through the crap and deal with the reality of the lives we lead. And unlike most self-help books she is frank that the first thing you should do in order to be happy and fulfilled is to put yourself first - all the time.



Janet’s tips and wisdom will help you make changes and adapt to the new regime of our world today. Take a deep breath, decide what you won’t bother doing any more and substitute activities that give you pleasure and make your limited resources go further. Life is a journey and we’re experiencing a bumpy patch — but if you think creatively and stick to your guns, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t emerge from it unscathed and a great deal happier.



Friends. Everyone needs them. Especially when relations between you and your family are less than perfect. And for the talented and ambitious Janet Street-Porter starting out on what would become a brilliant career, her friends became her family.



Opinionated, driven, ruthless, successful — how do you become Janet Street-Porter?

In this fearless and compelling memoir of a truly bizarre childhood, Janet Street-Porter amuses as much as she shocks — brutally honest, brilliantly written, Baggage is as edgy and fearless as the author herself!